Our Story

 Where it all started...

Artists round the world have been adding life to our society through art for thousands of years. Many have never been able to connect with their audience. Many more leave their most impassioned work undiscovered. Today, artists share the same needs as their predecessors. They seek to explore, discover, collaborate, and create. They believe in sharing with others because only through true collaboration can those around them appreciate the true impact of their work.


In late 2010, Michael Odernheimer imagined an online community for where college art students could display their work for others to appreciate. StudentStylePosters was formed with the goal of connecting people to the discovery of student art. Michael experienced overwhelming support for his concept. Since all artists have the same basic need to share, he realized that artists everywhere were asking for the same experience of exploration and discovery. In 2011, Michael Odernheimer founded ArtAddic: an online community for artists, who collaborate and share with art enthusiasts around the world. Michael affectionately refers to those who are enthusiastic about the entire process that embodies all art as "addics".


Throughout his college career, Michael conducted in-depth research of the online art market, and created ArtAddic to promote forward progress in a deficient market.  In addition to his planning efforts, Michael has attracted several passionate and influential individuals for key executive positions.  Michael believes that all addics may reach true fulfillment by collaborating with those who bring meaning and life to art. ArtAddic is a place where art and exploration meet.

2010 - Top 10 Westminster College Opportunity Quest

2011 - Top 10 Westminster College Opportunity Quest

2012 - Top 10 Westminster College Opportunity Quest

2012 - BoomStartup Incubater Finalist

2013 - Top 50 Grow America "Startup" Category 

2013 - Top 10 Westminster College Opportunity Quest

Michael's vision has engaged an extensive audience that now eagerly awaits the official launch.  His ongoing leadership and persistance has given his team a definitive approach to initial development. The ArtAddic team will never cease in its quest to facilitate the desire of all addics to discover where art and exploration meet.

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